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Our Mission

Our mission is to contribute to the continued success of healthcare companies and small businesses by becoming an integral part of your business and collaborating with you to implement tailored, affordable and effective marketing solutions.

VISION Marketing & Consulting was created with the client in mind. We know how overwhelming and intimidating marketing may seem at times – so we’re here to make it simple. With our healthcare marketing services, we’ll do all the hard work and you can reap the rewards!

VISION provides healthcare practices in the Phoenix-metropolitan area with simplified, effective healthcare marketing solutions to help grow your business. We make the extra effort to listen and learn what makes your business unique in order to present you with a customized plan. We are passionate about marketing and excited to see what role we can play with your company to help you succeed.

What Makes Us Different

“Value both the enthusiasm of youth and the experience of age, because both are stronger and more useful when combined.”

– Geoffrey James, Inc.Com Columnist & Writer

VISION Marketing & Consulting is built upon an unmatched combination of healthcare and marketing experience, enthusiasm, work ethic, passion and small business expertise. The two Co-Founders of VISION, Veronica Shaw and Karen Cummings, together bring to market an unsurpassed passion for helping small businesses grow through strategic, effective and affordable marketing solutions specific to the healthcare industry.

Trust and Credibility

At VISION Marketing & Consulting, we practice what we preach – we are in the marketing trenches with our own business and using tried and true marketing methods for our clients. We work to maintain a comprehensive but simple website, solid and consistent social presence (where our audience is), and captivating and continuous content relevant to our audience through our blog.


Healthcare is our thing. Small business is our thing. We understand the healthcare industry in Arizona better than most – and we are so proud to be able to use that knowledge & experience to best help our clients! Our team of marketing and healthcare experts mesh well with any small business team! When it comes to patient care, customer satisfaction & growth – we are certainly on the same page as your business.

Pricing and Value

The most difficult decisions companies have to make oftentimes boil down to budgeting. As a small business (or any business) we understand every dollar is valuable & we don’t take for granted that you’ve chosen to invest it with us. We understand you want to know you are getting what you paid for!

We will ALWAYS do our part to complete deliverables outlined with clients, and render services well worth the money spent. How do we know this? We set clear performance indicators with our clients before we begin working and ensure we stay on route to meet or exceed those indicators – and if things aren’t going as we predicted, we adjust!

Efficiency and Efficacy

Your money goes towards actual work. Our team has developed a software toolset, as well as marketing minds, that make it easier to do effective marketing on smaller budgets. You will have some project management time when we are managing all marketing campaigns and strategies for your business, but each month, as a client of VISION Marketing & Consulting’s, you will receive a detailed report of which tactics our time was spent on.

Take a look at our Marketing Solutions to see what we can do for your small business! Or, read more about our VISION team here.

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