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7 Tips to Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy

pinterest marketing strategy

Improve Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy Are you making Pinterest a part of your social media marketing strategy for your business? Pinterest offers a huge opportunity for brand awareness and sales. First, ask yourself these 4 questions to see if Pinterest is the right marketing tool for your business: Does your business have access to images?… Read more »

4 Major Marketing Mistakes Most Businesses Continue To Make

marketing mistakes

Are You Making These Marketing Mistakes? Marketing can be tough for small businesses. You’re competing with many other voices out there clamoring for your customer’s attention. There are major marketing mistakes that most businesses continue to make on a daily basis. Are you making one or more of these marketing mistakes? Take a look at… Read more »

Small Business Tip of the Week: 4 Ways Your Emails Can Avoid the Spam Filter

small business marketing tip of the week

4 Ways Your Emails Can Avoid the Spam Filter Transcript: Hi my name is Karen and welcome to VISION Marketing & Consulting’s Tip of the Week. This week I want to talk about 4 ways to help your small business avoid the spam filters when you’re doing email marketing. 1. Avoid putting all of your… Read more »

4 Pro Tips to Nail Your Next Relationship Marketing Call

relationship marketing

How to Nail Your Next Relationship Marketing Call Relationship Marketing allows you an opportunity to build relationships with your potential and existing referral sources to instigate additional new patients. VISION offers this service – Relationship Marketing – potentially saving your business time, money and the headache of training and managing your own marketing personnel. Each… Read more »

October 2014 Arizona Healthcare News

arizona healthcare news

October Arizona Healthcare News Arizona Key Health Players to Form a Narrow Network Cigna Healthcare of Arizona is teaming with Banner Health and Scottsdale Lincoln Health Network to market a health plan directly to Valley businesses. The network will include the 16 medical facilities, totaling 3,800 doctors.  The network will be limited to Maricopa County… Read more »

Marketing Techniques: How to Make a Great First Impression with Your Website

marketing techniques website

How to Make a Great First Impression with Your Website Did you know that within 7 seconds of meeting someone they’ve already decided their opinion of you? A first impression isn’t only reserved for first dates and job interviews. Your website is also being critiqued by consumers and potential customers. One of the most important… Read more »

Facebook’s New Ad Objective Helps Small Businesses Reach a Local Audience

local awareness

Reach a Local Audience on Facebook with Local Awareness Do you ever wonder if the Facebook ads you are promoting are reaching people close enough that can actually visit your business? Local awareness, the new ad objective recently introduced by Facebook, allows small businesses to target users within a certain radius of their business address… Read more »

Small Business Tip of the Week: 4 Tips for Starting Healthcare Relationship Marketing

small business marketing tip of the week

4 Tips to Help You Get Started With Your Healthcare Relationship Marketing   Transcript: Hi, I’m Veronica with VISION Marketing & Consulting and welcome to the Tip of the Week Today we are going to discuss 4 tips for starting your healthcare relationship marketing. Relationship marketing is important for your healthcare practice because it creates relationships… Read more »