Tell Your Healthcare Practice’s Story: Small Business Tip of the Week


Transcript: Hi, I’m Veronica with VISION Marketing & Consulting and welcome to the Tip of the Week! Today we are going to touch on three different ways to tell your healthcare practice’s story. We hear a lot about storytelling and some of us might think it’s telling a story to your kids but stories aren’t… Read more »

Small Biz Buzz: January 2015

small biz buzz

Did you miss some of the great things we learned during the month of January 2015 that could benefit your small business? Check out all of our Small Biz Buzz posts from this past month below! January 5 A survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers evaluated the change in telehealth use since 2010 and found a significant increase in… Read more »

Making and Editing Videos on the Twitter Mobile App is Now Available

twitter mobile app

The world of Twitter is becoming more visual than ever, especially with the latest feature the social media platform has made available. Now, users can capture and edit videos right from their Twitter mobile app and tweet it directly to their followers. This eliminates the steps of taking a video on your phones camera, saving… Read more »

Set Up a Facebook Call to Action Button | Small Business Marketing Tip of the Week

tip of the week

Hi I’m Leandra with VISION Marketing & Consulting and welcome to the Tip of the Week. This week I wanted to talk about an awesome new Facebook feature for small businesses and that is the Facebook Call to Action buttons! Right now, businesses have the option of creating a call to action button right on… Read more »

6 Effective Emotional Triggers to Grab Your Audience

emotional triggers

When creating your marketing messages, it’s important to appeal to your audience’s emotions. Think about a time you’ve heard a marketing message that really strikes a chord with your emotions and how it may affect your buying decisions or impression of a brand. All human beings essentially have the same mental triggers that drive actions…. Read more »