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Find out the Impact of your LinkedIn Content


Find out the Impact of your LinkedIn Content with the Content Marketing Score After the new release of LinkedIn Publisher, LinkedIn is taking the next step to help individuals get the most of out of their content marketing. The Content Marketing Score tool will now give publishers some insight into the impact their content is… Read more »

Small Business Tip of the Week: Share Your Accomplishments on Social Media

small business marketing tip of the week

The Importance of Sharing Your Accomplishments on Social Media Transcript: Hi, I’m Aubrey with VISION Marketing & Consulting and welcome to the Tip of the Week. Today I would like to talk to you about sharing your business’s accomplishments with your audience. Some accomplishments you should share with your audience via your social sites are… Read more »

Facebook Post Editing Feature

facebook edits

Facebook Edit Feature We all make mistakes – even on Facebook. Did you know that Facebook allows you to edit your posts and fix any errors? In the past, if you made a mistake in posting, you’d need to delete and repost and lose any likes or comments you’d initially gained. Editing is easy as… Read more »

Say Goodbye to Products and Services Pages on LinkedIn

linkedin products and services

Businesses with a LinkedIn Business Page, Beware of New Changes Written By Leandra Michelle On April 14th, LinkedIn will be discontinuing all product and services sections from business pages. Their decision to get rid of these tabs comes from their hopes of creating a more straightforward and organized company page. LinkedIn now suggests you promote… Read more »

Small Business Tip of the Week: 4 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

small business marketing tip of the week

Written By Leandra Michelle TRANSCRIPT: Hi, I’m Leandra with VISION Marketing & Consulting and welcome to the Tip of the Week. Today I will be talking about 4 social media mistakes that your small business should avoid. The first mistake to avoid is trying to be everywhere at once. A lot of small businesses may… Read more »

Grab Your Audience’s Attention with a Call to Action Button

facebook call to action

  Read Now! Facebook’s Exciting New Update Written By Leandra Michelle Facebook is looking to give small businesses that are posting and advertising on their platform a helping hand by providing them with a feature geared towards increasing click-through-rates. Call-to-action buttons are now available for posts and ads on Facebook, with the intention of drawing additional… Read more »

LinkedIn Adds Block Feature

linkedin block feature

Say Goodbye to All Those LinkedIn Pesks Thanks to Block Feature Written By Leandra Michelle After receiving many requests, LinkedIn has announced a new feature that will allow users to block or report individuals of their choice. Once you block someone, they will not have access to your profile, and messages cannot be sent. Although… Read more »

LinkedIn Takes a Page from Facebook’s…Book


Written By Leandra Michelle LinkedIn’s Latest Company Page Updates There are times when companies make an update to their products or services that are a long time coming. With LinkedIn’s latest Company Page updates, this is the case. Following in Facebook’s footsteps, LinkedIn’s new Company Page features make sharing content and interaction a little more… Read more »