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Facebook’s New Ad Objective Helps Small Businesses Reach a Local Audience

local awareness

Reach a Local Audience on Facebook with Local Awareness Do you ever wonder if the Facebook ads you are promoting are reaching people close enough that can actually visit your business? Local awareness, the new ad objective recently introduced by Facebook, allows small businesses to target users within a certain radius of their business address… Read more »

Small Business Tip of the Week: 4 Things to Include in Your Social Media Plan

small business marketing tip of the week

4 Social Media Plan Must Haves Transcript: Hi, I’m Leandra and welcome to VISION Marketing & Consulting’s Tip of the Week. This week I will be going over four things your business should include in your social media plan. It is important to have a social media plan in place before you get started, and… Read more »

Social Media Success: Select the Right Platform for Your Audience

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms for Social Media Success Do you know where your customers and prospects are spending their time online? It is worth your time finding your audience on social media—knowing who they are and what they want is the key to social media success. Which audience does your product or service most… Read more »

Small Business Tip of the Week: 4 Tools to Simplify Social Media Marketing


These 4 Tools Will Help Simplify Your Social Media Efforts Transcript: Hi, I’m Leandra with VISION Marketing & Consulting and welcome to the Tip of the Week. Today I will be sharing 4 tools your business can use to simplify your social media marketing. 1. Hootsuite: This tool allows you to manage all of your… Read more »

Twitter Joins the Video Marketing Craze with Promoted Videos

twitter promoted videos

Twitter’s New Ad Feature: Promoted Videos Video is taking the online marketing world by storm and Twitter has come along for the ride! Twitter has released a new video feature called ‘Promoted Videos’ which allows businesses to promote ads in video form. These videos are embedded into Twitter Cards and users will only be charged… Read more »

Find Out if Your Pinterest Strategy is Working for Your Business

Pinterest’s New and Improved Analytics  Find out if your Pinterest strategy is working for your business with Pinterest’s new and improved analytics. If your small business is on Pinterest, you’ll want to listen up! Pinterest has a new and improved analytics interface that is not only more visually appealing, but it offers more in-depth insights… Read more »

Why Your Business Should Give Instagram’s Hyperlapse App a Shot


Hyperlapse Helps Show The World in a New Way Instagram just released a new app for iPhones called Hyperlapse that will allow users to shoot high-quality, professional looking videos. These videos can be sped up with timelapse or slowed down to stabilize the images you have captured. Even if your video footage is shaky, the… Read more »